Post Construction/After Renovation


Post-Construction/After Renovation

We can help with the dirty work after your construction/renovation project is finished. Construction dust can land on every surface after you are done renovating.

Post-construction cleanings can include your whole home or areas where you had renovations take place. We can provide services that include the following:

  • Throughout Your HomeVacuum every surface first, cobwebs remove, dust and wipe down all furniture, dust mini blinds, window sills, and ledges, wipe down light fixtures/ceiling fans, wipe down all picture frames/collectibles, clean all mirrors/glass, clean designated glass at the front and rear entrance (above 40 degrees), empty trash containers, vacuum upholstered furniture as needed, dry dust walls, vacuum/edge carpets and hardwood floors, and mop hard surface floors.
  • BathroomsClean/ sanitize shower/tub/jets, sink and vanity, toilets, mirrors, pictures and lights, wipe cabinet fronts, vacuum, and mop floors.
  • KitchenClean/sanitize countertops and backsplash, clean all appliances outside – microwave inside & out, wipe cabinet fronts, clean/sanitize faucet and sink area, vacuum, and mop floor.
  • Optional
    • Wipe down doors
    • ​Wipe down baseboards
    • ​Wipe down trim &molding around doors and windows
    • Wipe down banisters and railings
    • Clean inside kitchen appliances- refrigerator, oven, dishwasher

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